Somewhere, sometime, some girl thought that maybe walking away would make things easier 

That maybe, just MAYBE all of her problems would finally cease and dissipate

That maybe, she’d find the control she’d been craving for so long

That maybe, at last, she could taste a drop of salvation 

And maybe she were right and ’twas for the best
Maybe it would calm her quenching thirst of freedom

Maybe it would help her get over her demons

But what if she finds herself helpless and can’t stand to reach out to that ‘maybe’? 
What if she can’t picture herself with that ‘maybe’?

What if she cannot decipher the possibilities of that ‘maybe’?

So instead, she chooses the latter alternative 
She takes the highway option

She learns to face the hurricane with pride and elegance 

The upshot seems to be surprisingly uncanny
She learns to gather the courage to stand the storm in her head

She tames the devil inside her mind

She learns to face her worst nightmares with her head as everest

Now, maybe, walking away is not a wise option, after all 
Maybe, this way she has gathererd the confidence she was lacking 

Maybe, now, she will be bold enough to take the substitute that is baffling but accurate for HER.
-Anshika xx


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