Being a girl


Being a girl has never been easy, has it?

Always being scrutinised under every sight you cross paths with.

Being cat-called more times than being called beautiful.

Being wiggled eyebrows at, indicating that I have my ‘sacred’ bra strap dangling down my shoulder.

Always being hushed whenever I say ‘period’ in front of people like I’m saying ‘Voldemort’ in Hogwarts!

Always being insecure because when I have my cleavage out, people eye it as if I’ve grown three heads. Women, glaring. And men, eyeing it as if they’re it’s predator.

Being oppressed because I’m ‘too ambitious and vocal’. 

Being displayed, bid and sold for the price tag of dowry.

Being sexually abused by the husband in the name of forced knot.

Bein traumatised because I still don’t get equal pay.

And this, we call, the modern, 21st century! No wonder what women went through in medieval times!

So, thank you, world, thank you for making your girls question themselves, their dignity, their voice to reason, wounding their morale and tainting their pride. Thank you, you’ve done and you’re doing a sublime job at it.


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